I recently visited Worthing (Sussex, UK) Pier and I had to go for a wander with my super Sony mobile telephone, and took some pictures.  You can see them at http://akjcragg.com/worthingpier.html – I really like the lines and curves and colours which I see there .  And even better, there were very few people about, so I got some lovely, arty, pleasure place without pleasure seekers photographs.

It’s plainly not a run-down place, there is evidence of newly painted window sills, but, underneath I think there is a care-worn, not much money left in the kitty feel about the pier at Worthing, which, as a photographer (‘lens artiste’) I have to get close to.  I like to see the things most people don’t see, unless they look closely.

The colours and the light and the space of Worthing Pier really appeal to me.

Have a look at the photos – all very large and take ages to download, but I like to have top-quality artworks on my site!

Incidentally, the “Through the coloured glass -1/2” pictures were taken with the phone right up against painted glass, no PhotoShop there.  And no PhotoShop anywhere, just some cropping, as you can see.

So have a look here then, and let me know what you think!

akj cragg